The sEaP

by SeaKings

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Emily Keith
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Emily Keith "..with our feet on the ground, shoeless we see the world for what it is." 7.5 minutes of sheer awesomeness. Great guitar work, excellent drumming and even better lyrics. So y'all are playing in KC when, exactly? Favorite track: Run in the Rain.
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released July 2, 2012




all rights reserved


Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: The Silent Duck
So you saw the world from a different view, you're twenty feet above the ground and now you've seen everything! I'm taking cues from you, and you're heeding my advice: if nothing's holding you back, fall forward And I'm still scared to death of death! It's moving in and I've learned (that) no matter how much you've read, you'll never be so well prepared as you think and there are no first hand accounts.
And I know where I've been and I still can't stomach it; because I'm standing here with my hands tied when I should be headed to the other side and I know the world won't wait.
Track Name: Attitudes Counterfeiting Life
I see that old man sitting on the corner. He's got a funny sign so I don't think that he's been there long. I give him all I've got, not knowing what he'll spend it on. I give him all I've got, I'll let him be the one to prove me wrong. Charity reminds me of my hometown.
I see that man again, he's on the corner. His sign's all gone and now he's lost a few more pounds. I've not spent some time in my hometown. I gave him what I've got and now he's on his own.
And who the hell is that guy? And what is he doing here? Well I don't know him, and I don't care for him.
Track Name: The House is on Fire, But You Cant Beat Our View
She breathes in like poetry. And she spits out prose. Her remarkable "sure" inspires thoughts that no one knows. Analytically speaking, this works out well. Mathematically, we're all going to hell. 'Cause we're all so fucking brilliant! And the bills won't pay themselves! Can we reserve the right to say: "We're better than that"? Because we're better than that.
We're better than that.
Track Name: Thinking About Sharks (See: Royalty)
You were the queen of the ocean, and I was a sea king. We were swept away by currents of bed sheets. While you were abroad, I went to stern. Summer's gone out of my concern!
Track Name: Out of no Here
I've spent the last three years ruining relationships with everyone I know. It's always that same disconnect: I can't break through! Well I can see myself out, I'm used to it anyway. While you deteriorated, so, too, did the world around you. Everyone that you know, everyone who cared. Mother save me!
Track Name: Run in the Rain
I've seen umbrellas floating in mid air: illuminated by candles floating in the pouring rain-- where the streets have been washed away, making way for towns long gone. With our feet on the ground, shoeless we see the earth for what it is. Let's set aside our differences-- facial and skin tone! Let's let this rain wash away! The earth's the same on every side of the world. Run in the rain! Stare at the sky! The earth's the same on every side!