The End of Something

by Emo Side Project

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released October 5, 2011

Emo Side Project



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Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: How's the weather?
I hate how our conversations are always: "hey, how is the weather?" “well, it could be better.” I hate how I won't say anything when I obviously want to. so I just smile at you and keep my eyes to the ground. I've seen better days on soap operas we used to watch daily. but now I am lucky if you even sit by me. I’ve learned from experience that love can't last forever, but please don't let it end like this. just so you know, this silence is why I can't sleep.
Track Name: A letter
I know that I've grown and you'll always remember me at two years old slurring my speech and clinging to your knees. but you've given me some of my favorite memories. I know this distance tears us apart. old photographs and phones calls aren't enough. so I just want you to know you've always been there to help me conquer the coldest winters and I love you for that.
Track Name: It could've been different
It’s been so long that I can't even remember the last time we spoke or the last thing we did together. best friends forever - a promise we couldn't keep. we're going our separate ways. I’ll probably never see you again. but if I was magician I’d pull you out of my hat. we'd raise hell on Wycliffe street like we did when we were 15. now 23 with a 9 to 5 job. how did we let ourselves grow up? I’ve been thinking of you as of late. where have you been? and who have you loved? I hope for your sake you're not as fucked as I am. the last time I was in Houston I stood at the place where we both grew up. it was one of the only times I’ve appreciated life. I’ve been thinking of you as of late. where have you been? who have you loved? I hope for your sake you're not as fucked as I am.
Track Name: There's no such thing as destiny
you and me are human beings with different intentions, different emotions. so why am I surprised when you confess to me that you're so sorry but it's not meant to be? you ask me, can we just be friends? and I smile sarcastically and whisper softly, I'm sorry but it's not meant to be. I know that everything might not work out. nothing's ever meant to be and that's what really scares me.
Track Name: I guess everything reminds you of something
the smell before the rain always makes me so nostalgic for summers back in Texas. I wonder how my dog that ran away is doing now. I hope he thinks about me each time he chews a shoelace. every time I see a John Wayne movie I'm thankful for my dad and how he raised me. I honestly believe that I'm the same as I was when I was 14. I still worry about things that really don't matter. I found the meaning of life in a fortune cookie. it said stop asking how and why to live life and just do it. I guess Nike was right but I've never been one to take advice. I guess everything reminds you of something.
Track Name: Are you afraid of the dark?
there are no stars in this town. light pollution drowns them out. you have to go out to the country but that can get so lonely. so I usually stay inside with closed blinds and dim the lights. read some Bukowski or Hemingway or stare the ceiling and just drift away. are you afraid of the dark? because I am. are you afraid to die? alone, yes.
Track Name: Why do we always have to resort to pillows and Natalie Portman?
summer is ending but unlike usual I don't feel empty. I’m noticing beauty in small things like a 50¢ ring or a simple good morning. in every way I feel lucky and it’s all because of you. I'm longing for Michigan or New York so I can tell you three simple words face to face and we won't have to fight off sleep. until then I guess we can live on pillows and Natalie Portman and phone calls that last until 7 a.m.
Track Name: A clean, well-lighted place
old man times are changing so fast. your past loves are far gone and your thoughts on life have slowed down. the bottle is all that you've got now. but I can see myself in those bloodshot eyes and you were right. we all need to find our own ways to sleep at night. anyway, I can make mistakes all on my own. I don't need your life to map out how self-pity and regret swallowed you up whole. all I need is for you to know is that it isn't you that keeps me up at night.
Track Name: A way I'll never be
winter's creeping up on me. either summer was shorter or global warming. I look around my room and all I see is an unmade bed, misplaced records and untied tennis shoes. a half burned photograph of you. of course I couldn't see it through. is this what I've got to show for all my years on this Earth? cause if so no wonder I question my worth. I wonder if I'll ever be truly happy. I know only time can say but honesty it doesn't look that way.
Track Name: The end of something
it was a long drive. you had begged me to stay. but I had changed my mind. I couldn't comfort you anymore. it was the last time we spoke. you'd asked me to read you Hemingway. you asked what it meant. I said "love, it wasn't fun any more." then we realized it was about us and no more words came out of our mouths. sometimes it's better to let go of the nights you can never get back. most times it's best to say no to a need to reinvent the past. and now I know the heart doesn't need it only wants love. it only needs air.
Track Name: Marble hornets
can someone please jog my memory? I'm not sure if it's the beer talking or just me. but I'm 23 and still a-fucking-lone and I'm paranoid of talking on the phone. all my best friends are obsessed with marble hornets and porn star tits. they've got one thing in common. they're fake as fucking shit and I'm over it. I promised myself I wouldn’t sing another song about that girl that fucked me and left and I find it funny how I always end up letting myself down but I guess it's reassurance that I'm still human. all my best friends are obsessed with smoking weed and getting pussy. so I'm always sitting by myself. why do I put up with this shit? well, I'm over it. roses are red. violets are blue. my only regret is loving you. all my best friends are fucking gone or live three states away. so I'm always writing songs about being alone but I'm over it. no, I'm not.