Slurred Speech / Twin Cyclist Split

by Sea of Tranquility Records

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released February 11, 2012

Slurred Speech

Twin Cyclist



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Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: Slurred Speech - Ghosts and Straw Fields
Somewhere my heart is aching
Sitting alone singing Owen songs to itself
And I don't care, no not anymore
Sometimes life's like a hot air balloon going nowhere

A chance to rise above
And look down
At that unforgiving ground
I feel like a ghost when the sun is out
Reaching for a face I just can't touch

My hands are numb from icing my wounds
Blood from the mouth from biting my tongue when I
Go off the deep end
As stable as a newborn child trying to walk
As useful as a broken watch when I try to talk

I'd say the clouds have it easier
But even they feel grey sometimes
An open field of straw in my dreams
Stumbling upon a girl laying alone

But I fear I'll be like this for always
And I fear I'll be alone forever
Track Name: Twin Cyclist - Grays
Never again will I lie among these sheets.
Dancing above grays I fall asleep.
This well-lit man and my hands are falling short.
Old life deceiving those of color.

Petrify on my bedside.

Never again as life goes on.
But its never light enough to pick me up from these roots
And plant me in never ending solitude.

These stones show beauty,
and as I fall I bring nothing but vicarious thoughts.
These jewels hold center,
and I hold the feathers.

Dancing above grays I fall asleep.
Never again will I stand in never ending solitude.

Petrify on my bedside.
Track Name: Slurred Speech - Peter Pan and the Semester Upstate
Careful we've become too attached to our demises
Forget the things that are just listed by their prices
Pack my bags I'm tired of cleaning up after others messes
Go far away, please just get me out of Massachusetts

We're failing, just failing

Falling between the lines of the things
That would bring us happiness
And I'm tired
Tired enough to say so

What is fair? After all these years I couldn't say
Self involved I find people are blind to their potential
Another phrase another thing I wish you hadn't said
Let's fight old age these vessels are all that hold us back

We're aging, just aging

Falling between the lines of the things
That would bring us happiness
And I'm tired
Tired enough to say so

And I have faith that age is just a number
And I have faith that one thing leads to another
Track Name: Twin Cyclist - 5 Hole Poncho
Sick out in dirt.
Clumped up in trees.

You asked where the sun was.
You said you'd hate to be me.
Water over cliffs, water over leaves.
You asked where the sun was.
You said you'd hate to be me.
I heard your whispers fall back on me.

So I sleep below the canvas in puddles soaked and stained.
From sties, yards, and shops, sleeping sofas know my name.

I'm happy, so happy, so happy you're happy.

My tired eyes fall.
The sun hides low.
Through malice and mode the greens spoke "Come back home."