by Foxmoulder

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released April 10, 2012

Co-release with Anteduvia Records




all rights reserved


Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: Intuition/Rhetoric
A lot like instantaneous laughter and pain,
when a lost cause shoulders it's burden
take from me essence, take from me strength.

I will find my home, wherever these feet take me,
love in every friend I find
Because this is not rhetoric.

And I found some kind of solace in this,
and I still believe in the best intentions.
Track Name: Neutral
Substanceless answers for substanceless questions
we'll bleed this philosophy before the ink dries

You're building homes to isolate yourselves with the ego of martyrs.

To stand still in heart and mind
In to worship the fire as it burns down your home.
Track Name: Awkward
And if we have reached the point where I have brought you shame,
Know that it is not my duty to make you feel better, and less guilty for all of your inaction and your bullshit 'do no good' political creed.

You had a friend in me once,
But friends owe each other hard questions.
You had a friend in me once,
Goodbye and good luck.
Track Name: Absurd
When did our songs no longer feel worth singing?
When did our hearts beg for refrain?

I'm breaking my hands, across a door you promised was for me
Like some kind of goddamn nightmare Kafka-ish story.

The real world is an exercise in the absurd.
Track Name: Breath of the City
Sustain, this heart with more than words.

Resentful, your soul is Urban Sprawl.

There is poetry in knowing how a city breathes.
To know where you're from and to desire change
More than an address, and a backpack

I was born poor scum, (at least)
it keeps me honest.