by The Whoopass Girls

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released October 15, 2012

The Whoopass Girls



all rights reserved


Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: The Scott Scharinger Shuffle
well i've tried to write this town's anthem for two years now.
i wrote all the chords, all the words.
but i just can't get it out.
i've been trapped in musky basements screaming over hatred for you.
getting mean at the wrong times,
but sometimes getting mean is all you can do.
let's go!

and i remember when i believed in love
and i remember when i prayed to something above.
but those days have passed,
i'm a different man. all i ever wanted was for you to sing along,
so i could forget writing her five love songs.
let me go, please let me go.
Track Name: Summer 2k11 (Pop Song)
i have been living on and singing stupid songs just to pass the time.
but you stay in my head and everywhere i've been you have followed me
and i'm waking up for the first time.

so i will keep your fears fueled by some cheap beer.
you will be my crutch. and like my dying kind,
i'll keep you in my mind until i have had enough.
and i'm waking up for the first time.
Track Name: Let's Get Insecure
well every word i write feels like one big lie.
and with every song i sing well i wish it were my last.
and lately i've found myself toying with the end
and like my wisdom teeth growing in maybe i don't fit.

and i swear i'm doing fine behind half-hearted eyes.
so kid don't be surprised when i'm gone.
because i haven't spoken a word that i've actually meant since you've focused your eyes anew,
but i'm happy, i'm happy for you.

and if time moves so fast, how will i ever catch up
and if time moves so slow, how will i ever live enough
Track Name: Tree Forts
and with your mouth full of coffin nails, burning ships' masts set to sail. on september 9th we put you in the ground. and when my voice cuts off so quick as i'm choking on my own spit. well my hands feel empty when i think of you.

so think of me as a distant ghost, think of me like i'm low and broke and i'm always wondering "why wasn't it me?" and when i see you in my dreams smiling, sober, and set free. well i can't help but feel my blood in my broken teeth.

and when i finally said goodbye, there were no tears left in my eyes. i must have lost them in your corpse's stare towards god. so when i walk down our old street, i can't but stare at my feet where your bright blue converse used to stand next to me.

so think of me as a distant ghost, think of me like i'm low and broke and i'm always wondering "why wasn't it me?" and when i see you in my dreams smiling, sober, and set free. well i can't help but feel my blood in my broken teeth.

at nights i can't sleep, forever haunted by the shattered glass and the torn skin, and your 98 mazda drowning in our glacial lake. i swear sometimes i still hear your voice, frail and tired, optimistic and sweet. and when i turn around and you're not there i feel another sentence of yours lost to memory. well i remember you, i remember your laugh and your face and the way you said we'd be alright. we'd be alright. we'll be alright.

nothing will be alright now that you're not alive.
Track Name: DJ Wetlab
i won’t let this life fuck me over again, you can put that on my tombstone when i'm off in oblivion. choking on seeds i planted in a dream i left long ago, returning softly and slowly like she's the reason i ever wrote.

i'm not going home until you're sober.

please don't worry about me, i'm fine. i just need to sleep. get out, please go away. i'd rather leave it up to fate.
Track Name: Troy + Nathan (2g4 Nicely)
but you're always there in the morning, and the sun also rises east. and even if this mustang breaks down in the middle of the road, i'll make it to wherever you want me to be. so we'll sit in eric's room and maybe watch alien and later we could play battlefront 2. i'll whisper under my breath that “i love you”. your hand grabbed my arm, half colored nails at my sweatshirt. and in that time, i saw a big, big water washing over me.

"come on, don't hide away anymore"

so we’ll sit under my blankets, and maybe watch the powerpuff girls and we could do whatever you wanted to, but you know me it’s just a dream and i’ll wake up far too soon

and even though i tried my best, i never could write a song to bring you back. but if this town's anthem is all we need, well then i guess i shall be free again
Track Name: Failures
do you remember walking down your road? our stomachs were hungry, and my hands were cold, and your heart was a stone. do you remember feeling so dead? do you remember that feeling trapped inside of our heads and the places we've been?

and it's sad to think about it now

but we can still be failures, we are still failures, and i hope you can forgive me.

we were just 15 years young with voices in our throats, and air in our lungs, and words on our tongues. but it seems so long ago now, past places and buildings torn down and left on the ground.

you and i? we are failures.