Emo Side Project / Cadie Cowden / Sink or Swim / Aaron Hurtado Split

by Sea of Tranquility Records

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released June 20, 2013

*Recorded at Gold Bedroom Records with the help of Austin Williamson and Jacob Garver
*Mixed and Mastered by Chris French (www.cfrenchrecordings.com)
*Art by Haley Hennier



all rights reserved


Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: Emo Side Project - Mac and Cheese (Reprise)
every day I find a new thing I don't like about me
but I don't want to try anymore
Track Name: Emo Side Project - Blue-Eyes White Dragon
I'm so tired of everything in my life
breathing's a chore and sleeping's a habit
I'm inconvenienced by love
I know that it's useless
but I'm just a hypocrite who needs it

so when I push you away
I really want you closer
when I'm sitting in silence
I want to talk for hours
when I stare at the ground
I'm thinking of your eyes
when I retreat to my bed for days
I want you to crawl in and rescue me

I am so afraid of being alone
but at this point I'm more afraid that I'm used to it
Track Name: Cadie Cowden - The Spooky 90s
I can't be held accountable for the things I've done to you.
It was pieces of selfishness, but you weren't selfless.
You snapped like the pencil you grind in your teeth,
When you write about me.

So dance around your house parade while no one's there.
Yell on top of your lungs about how you ignore that I care.
And when you look at me avoiding you,
You can imagine I'm holding back so many 'fuck you's.
Track Name: Cadie Cowden - Bed Sheets
You spun away from me with your tired ways.
Morose frosted silly rings and things.

You took me down.
Down and out.

And you celebrated your indictment juxtaposed with swinging ropes.
Like I sang a single moment in my life without you in it, drug ridden.

You wrote it down.

You and I were born out of crops of wheat,
And it was the flooding in Nebraska of 2011:
It was blown out of proportion,
It kept trailing on.
We were drowned,
You believed.
But me, being the me that I am,
I didn’t.
Then it was a pebble struggling to wash downstream,
And it was held back by the other pebbles.
And we were those several unfinished notebooks
At the end of each school year.
And we were fibers in a bed sheet,
And you always thought
We were never made up quite right.
But me, being the me that I am,
I will not.
And you continued to be the same.
And you continued to wash away the same.
You continued to hurt
and starve
and breathe
and drink
and decay the same.
And after a while, everyone said we were carbon copies of each other.
You said you thought that was stupid,
And you said you always will.
But me, being the me that I am,
I never will.
Track Name: Aaron Hurtado - Baby Steps
baby steps
take us too our planet
so we can be all alone
and hold each other close
cause I'll never leave your side
as long as you nod your head and tell me its alright
rain will come down us but soon the sun will shine
at our pace we'll keep on walking until the end of time
some say we shouldn't be together
but we don't care
as long as you're here
i couldn't be happier