Caitlyn Bailey / Lizards Have Personalities / Orion Pax / Viceversa Split

by Sea of Tranquility Records

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released July 2, 2011

R.I.P Caitlyn Bailey, ViceVersa, and Orion Pax. This CD is dedicated to you, my friends.

Caitlyn Bailey


Orion Pax

Lizards Have Personalities



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Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: Lizards Have Personalities - The Doppler Effect
Life is a constant battle with myself.
My thoughts are an abandoned highway,
Opening chapters never meant to see the light of day.
Choking on the shattered shards of a fatal car crash.
A fading heartbeat. the passing of sirens.
Where did all those sunny days in July run off to with our smiles?
Unable to cope with a breath taken to soon.
Breaking down in tears for years at a time.
If only your ghost would haunt me i might feel reassured
But the truth is the sound of your voice like everything else fades with time.
The sun sets and rises and I am forced to move on
Until I relive your last seconds through my own eyes
And I'm still wondering why.
Track Name: Lizards Have Personalities - Der tunkel sterne der birget sich...
This social awkwardness has left me paralyzed.
The morning star slips under cover behind grey clouds
I shortly thereafter follow.
As the thunder roars the rain brings with it floods.
It drags my soul into soil so I don't waste this earth anymore.
If you'd only see me the way I see me
Maybe you'd understand why I hate the way I am.
Track Name: Lizards Have Personalities - The Sky Has Rotted: It Won't Be Long For Any of Us.
i haven't had a dream in a whole fucking year.
i've been plagued nightly by nightmares.
i keep replaying the moment you died.
i wake up sweating and begging for me to follow you.
but what else should i expect from this life when each day the wound gets worse than the last?
seven years shattered in seven fucking seconds.
i'm holding on to fond memories though i know they can't stay forever.
because i'm getting old so fast and the same cruel earth awaits me.
when she drags me in i'll raise my fist to the rotting sky and curse this wasted life,
whispering 'better luck next time'.
i cannot be anything but a human being so don't expect anything more from me.
"I once battled in dark alleys for a laugh. now I'm not laughing.
I splash myself with oil and wonder: how many years do you want? how many days?
my blood is soiled and a dark angel sits in my brain.
things are made of something and go to nothing.
I understand the fall of cities, of nations. a small plane passes overhead.
I look upward as if it made sense to look upward.
it's true, the sky has rotted: it won't be long for any of us."
Track Name: Orion Pax - Awarewolf
when i woke i could smell the stench and i know it was your weakness
looking down on everything that you see not finding worth in anything.
it's such a shame.
there is so much potential but all you do is place blame.
it's so easy to judge when you did nothing to contribute on your own.
do you judge from what you know now or what you once knew?
i plan to combat your negative mindset.
I'll show you the worth of a friend.

breathe in now because it could take forever to say if we will coincide with what we've imagined for the rest of our lives and our existence.
we have never wanted to listen carefully to what's echoing in the distance.
it's the sound of your words choking.
asleep for days we dream for months but it seems like seconds.
this isn't what I've pictured while lost in my subconscious. there is so much potential.
i try to see eye to eye but all you do is place blame.
i always seem to be drawn back to this final chapter on what makes men evil.
when i read books i read the last page first so that if i die before i finish i know how it ends.
could it have been what we should not have read?
set it on the shelf and walk away, friend.
Track Name: Orion Pax - The Spectacle and The Charlatan
I must not truly know you because every time I see you I see a different person that is always slightly confused about who they are and who they want to be.
working so hard to be something else.
do you ever miss who you were or even remember what made you unique?
I want no part of your fake personality.
I would rather hate you for who you are than like you for who your not.
at least it would be real.

what i've seen isn't real. you disguise yourself with the slight of hand.
how did we get here from? our superstitious past with such malicious intent.
do we make eye contact the very first time we shake hands?
or do we keep them to the ground never letting in?
be who you already are not you what think i want you to be.
you act as if you're dying inside.
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
he's a reflection of what i once was.
i'm sorry if we never connected on a superficial level.
i'm in it for more than the show.
Track Name: Viceversa - En nat på tredive dage
Solen står op, endnu engang,
og lyset vil skinne på dig igen.
Jeg ved ikke hvad morgendagen bringer.
Morgendagen bringer intet, ingenting.
Track Name: Viceversa - A Violent trend
Fatter ikke en meter af DIY.
Drop volden, drop din uniform.
Track Name: Caitlyn Bailey - Hindenburg/Notes: From The Parade of Carrion Worms

[Francis and Mia]
When we fall, we all fall together; when we fall, we all fall apart.
Smoke churns in our lungs with the smell of decay as the funeral pyre burns,
crashing onto our knees and clawing up to the sky; crying out for the feeling of shelter.
What I once cared for is now burning to ashes and I bury my face in my hands.
I'll be damned if we live through this.
My dirigible heart in tow until this ends, I'll ruin this whole city when I crash.
Blood by blood and through the hands of a loved one, we all fall apart.

Notes From The Parade of Carrion Worms

The tides from the sea of charybdis swell up to consume the empire's lonely vessels as the eye strikes where wheels come and splinter into sails.
"Our chariots are treading water!", scream the slave-seafarers.
Circles split within circles, teeth into the sea; they rise into the aether, where blood and ampersands breathe.
Tread water; carrion worms.

We’re all fading lines penned on seamless patterns, trudging on dead metaphors.
Relying on nothing but slivers of dissipated narratives.
We can only thrive in soliloquies consigned to oblivion.
It’s brewing beneath the surface, the darkest of all the swamps.
The calm waters remaining very still, running dry.
And at the behest of forked-tongues,
I sail forth the oceanic grave on a dejected conquest for an open-ended absolution.
Track Name: Caitlyn Bailey - The Quiet Passing of Lights And Highways
With yearning, time resonates with the dissonant ends of half-formed sentences;
mute and incongruent, smoke signals still line the paths I take.
Hands to the window, the days keep passing me by; transient shadows form black contrails behind me.
Station to station, there is life in the absence of warmth and compassion in each quiet passing.
Highway to highway, streetlight to streetlight, I linger on through an endless dawn.
This is a life whose freedom is the price I pay; a being in time, a being in nothing, a being whose soul flees in transit.
I lost my soul in the morning commute, I followed its traces; this all leads back to you.
You and I, we still resonate with the ends of half-formed sentences.

I have painted the spectrum in black and white.
With feeble fingers I stagger, remembering every stroke,
Evoking every image as I drift away to a thousand miles of dissension - entranced by a definitive slumber.
Saturated with longstanding escapades, we share this tangible cruelty.
Circumventing as the lights pass through the multitudes.
And with condescending approval, the spectators shall spew out bitter tales of the beginning.
We will keep on breaking and burning, ‘cause we’ve never been the same.
Every second is a riveting picture of what’s left for us to offer.
Amidst wakefulness and sleep I march down to a lucid state of an unwelcoming descent to sanity.
As I claw my way out, clarity approaches and I begin to understand that I belong here,
in this place of nothingness and existence.
I am the void that creates what I destroy. There and back again.
Track Name: Caitlyn Bailey - Circles of Latitude
The view from this lonesome window hasn't changed much since you left.
With the crossing of calendar days seeing to every inch of this splendor,
It lingers on, untouched by all but the thinnest strands of borrowed time; beautifully still and endlessly so.
I've been keeping the doors cracked in hopes of seeing you again, if only to watch you pass by from behind the gaze of weathered horizons.
With the turning of battered clock hands comes a summer that never ends, a summer that harbors no regrets and a summer who in her days will make no amends.
As timeless as you are unapologetic, you are the sun that never sets.
When all roads lead to the same place, the drive is always in circles.
Close your windows; I still know where you live and you're not so far away, at least not anymore.
The earth's circumference is all there is between us; at arm's reach from you and where you stay.
At least this friendship says so. I still believe we're best friends.

Incessant streaks of opalescent hands traversing the dusky eaves.
I am relinquishing myself to the wistful zephyrs.
Embarking on traceless sojourns, sailing with warm visions and hazy passions.
Beyond the landscape of unread letters panning across fragmented angles,
awaits a gentle rustle fettered in dead silence, where the ebb and flow of cascading midsummer imprints never sleep.
We were dreamt in places when everything was at once unfamiliar yet uncharted.
Once a faint farewell has now safely returned.
And I cling to the bed frame patterns waiting behind achromatic glows as it gives birth to blinding streams of light.
Until the eve of the seventh, I stand by these rivers weaving interchanging fates.
The silken cord has been pulled and these earthy carpets will awaken to see another day.
Only then will I ever know that I am home. And I’m home.