A Summer In The American Midwest

by Summer Handjob

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released May 5, 2012

Summer Handjob (R.I.P.)



all rights reserved


Sea of Tranquility Records Lawrence, Kansas

A small independent record label from Lawrence, KS. We support music of all kinds. <3


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Track Name: High Fives For Everyone!
As our summers drag on and on. And everyone and everything changes. I can't help but feel that things are getting worse. As the weather gets cold I do the same thing, but I can't help loving these days, more than I ever could have with you.
Track Name: Jeff GoldBluMan Group
I'm writing every word to be one big great ironic joke. To meet the standards that you wrote in a virtual note. I can't stop looking at nights remembered by cheap photos. I fight every step back to that allegory. I just keep going on. I hate it too. Trust me I hate it too. Trust me I can't go on. Trust me I won't last. Trust me oh trust me please. I can't go on this road. I know I, I won't last. I won't last.
Track Name: Terran You A New One
I could tell you what it means to never be what you want. I could tell you how many times I've tried. And I could tell you every bad metaphor. I could tell you how many times I've tried. And I could tell you every bad story. And I could tell you how many times I've tried. But it won't change your mind. And you'll always be the same. And you'll never understand. And I'll always be stuck. Even though I look at old photos, and see a smile, that I know I won't ever bring. Growing up, fucking sucks.
Track Name: I'm Sorry So Hard
I know I won't ever be what you want. Because that's all you've ever told me. And I know that I won't ever be like that guy that you cling too. But I know that you aren't worth my time, but I've burned every bridge for all of my friends. Because I have all of these memories play back, like broken records. And I don't mean anything to anyone. But, "you don't mean anything to me". And I can finally say that I'm closing the chapter.
Track Name: Memor...FUCK!
Our pride will be our only company as we climb higher in these trees. Our wooden hearts will shape to our needs. Our wooden hearts. Will shape to. Our hands needs. In KC. But I won't. Feel anything. (Fuck change). I just hope they'll find a home.